An Anthology of Devotional Literature​​

Compiled by Thomas S. Kepler

This anthology belongs in the library of every student of Christian spirituality. It brings you 140 articles gleaned from two millennia of Christian writing on prayer, contemplation, and other aspects of the spiritual life. Here you will find essays by Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Meister Eckhart, and other saints of old, as well as Thomas Kelly, Evelyn Underhill, Rufus Jones, Thomas Merton, and other modern writers.

800 Pages / Hardcover / Retail $29.95
ISBN 978-1-891314-03-2




Reading materials which stimulate thought, stretch the mind, aid learning, spur creativity, and deepen our devotion to God are to be prized. When we read such works, touching other minds and hearts which have been stirred by devotion to God,… we reach up beyond ourselves and see deeper into ourselves while being steered into the new terrain of demanding truths and fresh paths for a richer life of faith.

–James Earl Massey, Foreword
An Anthology of Devotional Literature

Swords & Whetstones:

A Guide to Christian Bible Study Resources

By Joe Allison

The former reference book editor at Thomas Nelson Publishers, Mr. Allison takes the guesswork out of Bible study. Swords & Whetstones introduces you to the best references for the beginning Bible student and shows you how to use them. Originally published as The Bible Study Resource Guide.

217 Pages / Paperback / Retail $14.95
ISBN 978-1-89134-01-8


Spades & Pruning Hooks:

A Guide to Christian Devotional Resources

By Joe Allison

Spades & Pruning Hooks introduces you to all of the study tools you need to develop a mature spiritual life. Whether you’re a new Christian or an elder in the church, this book will help you tend your spiritual “fruit.” The late John Powell of Loyola University said, “The author covers an extensive field in this area, and is to be commended for his thoroughness.”

237 Pages / Paperback / Retail $14.95
ISBN 978-1-891314-00-1